Geras in 2017: Aged Care Management Only Gets Better

Since its conception in 2013, Geras Aged Care Management looked only forward, and saw only betterment of care for our dear elders.  That is so in our belief that improving the quality of service and efficiency of the caregivers are what consequentially bring about improvements in the quality of care. Geras, as a cloud-based software […]

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Avoid Disaster Scenarios at the Aged Care Facility

The resident’s well being is a priority in every aged care facility. Addressing their health problems and foreseeable crises are important to ensure their longevity. But there are times these aspects are overlooked because care staff are loaded with numerous roles given little time. Random, unintentional, and at most times even small mistakes may mean […]

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5 Things Geras Can Do For Your Facility

Our elders deserve the best care possible. Aged care facilities in New Zealand are always on the lookout for ways to improve the kind of services they offer and Geras brings a system for such improvement. Geras is a cloud-based software solution for resident care homes. The main goal is to help owners, nurses, and […]

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