About Us

Comfac Technology Options Limited (CTO) is a company that provides consulting and information technology services to enterprises specialising in aged residential care management. Our aim is to provide quality, leading edge, online systems that support aged residential care in all aspects. We have developed the GERAS product which is a comprehensive suite of applications primarily designed and developed to address the operational and management needs of rest homes in New Zealand.


The product is borne out of the needs of the industry where the vast majority of rest homes operate using manual, paper-based processes without taking advantage of the benefits that an online system may offer. With GERAS, owners will be able to keep track of all facets of the organisation including resident clinical and nursing information, human resources, administrative, financial and operational areas of the business. GERAS design is based on the compliance requirements for rest homes issued by the Ministry of Health.


As a cloud-based solution, GERAS offers rest home the benefit of having an automated system without the need for huge capital spend on software and hardware. It is the first and only NZ product of its kind running on Software as a Service (SaaS) platform where the product is licensed on a subscription basis on a centrally hosted application and database.


For more information about CTO, please visit our website www.comfactechoptions.com.