Elder Care Facilities and Social Media

We have reached the digital age and there is no stopping its progression. We have changed the landscape of how we communicate and serve our clients. It makes the world smaller and has connected people from around the globe with just a click of a button. It helped businesses  from various industries build more connections and explore opportunities. Are you ready to maximize its reach for the benefit of your elder care facility in New Zealand or perhaps including other countries you aim to target?

A group of social media guru says that Facebook is the new marketing tool for aged care facilities. According to a research marketing and consultancy company called One Fell Swoop, “People are using social media to get information and to help validate their decisions”.* A confident statement yet very true nowadays. It is very hard to deny the effect of the digital age in our current lives.

Do you have the correct information about your facility “out there”? And are they available whenever possible clients search for it over the internet? Should you be looking at implementing an online strategy today? Should you be thinking out of the box and thinking ahead of going digital?


Geras Care Software can help with your social media managementStart with what you know: a common platform you are familiar to use – Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Instagram? Try to evaluate which of these social media platforms are mostly used by your market and see it’s implication on your business, perhaps the marketing side of it. You would probably be surprised to know that not just young individuals but also your very own grandparents are into social media than you can ever imagine!


Here’s a Nielsen Study on “2015 Facebook NZ Demographics and Usage”**:

— 2.5M+ Kiwis use FB per month

— 2M+ Kiwis use FB everyday

— 1.6M+ Kiwis use mobile to access FB each day

— 80% of Kiwis on FB discover products and brands on the platform

— 56% that discover a business or product on FB, remain on the platform to learn more or go to the business website

— 36% of people who discover a business or a product on FB share or discuss with their peers


Clearly, Kiwis are embracing Facebook and the number of users is expected to significantly rise for 2016 and so on. Should you be gearing towards this direction and making your facility present to where the clients are? Be prominently seen and drive conversions to your business.

Clueless how to start? Our Team of Digital Marketing Experts can show you how.


* http://www.australianageingagenda.com.au/2016/09/14/facebook-new-marketing-aged-care-facilities-says-social-media-guru

** http://www.firstdigital.co.nz/blog/2015/09/16/facebook-nz-demographics-usage-statistics-2015/

Image source: zdiviv by freedigitalphotos.net