Aged Care at Shelly Beach Lodge

As time flies, people grow older and that’s when elder care facility helps people go through this particular stage of life. Proper therapy and intense care for the elderly helps them become more stable and improve their mobility. At shelly beach lodge, providing the care for the elderly and creating a loving environment is their utmost concern.

It was founded last June 29, 2010 in New Zealand. Offering the highest level of care for their residents. The facility is not so big, giving the caregivers more opportunity to render the highest form of care to each resident.

Shelly beach lodge highlights dementia-level type of care for its residents helping them improve their personalities and building quality interaction for the elders’ improvement.



Shelly Beach Lodge and Geras Aged Care System



Since healthcare workers focus more on providing residents the best care, sometimes they tend to overlook necessary protocols, and documents necessary to provide a complete and effective health care. That is why with the help of Comfac Technology Options, Shelly Beach decided to automate their Facility, Task, and Roster management through Geras and last June 2016, Shelly Beach Lodge have fully implemented Geras Aged Care facility. This enabled them to utilize the latest technology in cloud and mobile applications making the tasks of healthcare workers easier to manage and to track.

With the help of Geras Aged Care Management, Shelly Beach Lodge had a tidier documentation system complete with all notifications for all the users, and a very easy data collating process, real time reports generators and a lot greater features. This is important for them to improve the welfare of the residents and would also keep in tracking improvements.

Shelly beach lodge aims to treat residents with dementia with utmost care and they can, by documenting their residents’ behaviour to focus on their infirmity with ease. Through Geras, Shelly Beach’s services helped a lot of elderly people as they are nurtured better thus creating stronger connection with their fellow residents and also the staff which, consequently, makes Shelly Beach Lodge a haven for elderly people to live in.