The Kind of Care Provided in Rest Homes

Long term care for an elderly  can sometimes be a challenge to their loved ones. Consequently, they choose to let them live in Nursing Homes. They believe that the well trained care staff of these Aged Care Facilities are to provide Quality Care to them. Nursing and Rest Home kind of care is directed towards providing our elders a better quality of life including hygienic care, medication, and meal administration.


  1. Elderly people can hardly look after themselves when it comes to physical care and hygiene. Most of them are fully dependent on the caregiver while some are semi-dependent. They need to be assisted in accomplishing activities of daily living. These activities include bathing, oral care, changing their clothes, and changing their beddings. Cares are mostly done in the morning or whenever possible based on the resident’s care plan. This is normally completed upon resident’s admission to make sure the appropriate care is provided at all times.
  2. The timely administration of medication is important to the residents.  Home care staff makes this as one of their priority since failure to take it at the right time and with the measured amount may lead to complications or drug resistance. Administering medication must be handled by a competent caregiver and must be supported by a registered nurse.  Elders must also  be observed because there are times that they become resistant and refuse to take their medicines. It is also well documented so they can have a good basis on the effectiveness of its medication and/or the need to alter some to better manage the resident’s condition. Moreover, most facilities have a visiting or an in-house physician who provides check-ups and follow-ups on a regular basis.
  3. Expect a lot of vegetables and fruits on resident’s table every time you come in for a visit. Facilities make sure that they do serve fresh produce together with some well cooked meals. There is always a variation of meat and how they are cooked everyday. There are of course endless cups of teas and coffees and fruit juices which are important for their hydration and really lovely savouries and sweets for the morning and afternoon teas. In addition, elderly clients are supported in maintaining a well balanced diet as this helps regulate their blood pressure, blood sugar and even help ease their constipation. Elder’s dietary profile is also established on admission based on resident’s likes and dislikes and their medical condition.

Finally, but of utmost importance, genuine care for the elderly is expected in nursing and rest homes. Relatives of residents are confident that the Age Care Facility they have selected is managed well, prioritizing the patients’ welfare every step of the way.

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