Explore Your Options with New Zealand’s Aged Care Facilities

Ask questions about the subsidy on New Zealand's Aged Care FacilitiesFor most people in New Zealand, leaving their parents in Aged Care Facilities is a difficult decision to do. There are things that you need to look into before deciding on the matter. Some would consider their culture, those with Asian descent are most likely not open to this idea since it is not a common thing to do. They are aware that eventually, they will take care of their parents as they aged. Another consideration would be the facility that they will entrust their elderly relatives with. Usually, they ask themselves if their loved ones will be well taken care of, enjoy the company of the care givers and fellow residents, and if they will have time to visit them. Often families worry about the cost of this transition because they are not aware that the government is able to provide support through subsidy. Because of these worries, they opt to avoid the thought of putting them in into care in which in turn creates a bigger problem such as stress, physical and mental exhaustion, and lack of self time for the carer. Instead, they have to juggle all their commitments and still try to provide care without realizing that they could make the situation better without jeopardizing the health of their loved ones and their own health as well.


Unknown to some, especially the immigrants, the New Zealand government offers free health services to permanent residents and those carrying resident visa. The Ministry of Health website provides information about the criteria that needs to be assessed first, in order for one to be eligible for a free health or disability service. There you can also check the locations of the nursing and residential homes near you. Remember that the goal of these institutions is to provide utmost care to your loved ones, providing accommodation and assistance to them in their daily activities. At the same time, they also help you gain independence in performing your tasks.


You can visit rest home to ask more details with regards to the plan of care they provide the patients especially if they need medical attention. You can also ask some feedback from friends and relatives who had gone through the similar situation. They can refer you to the institution that they trust.


Start asking the right questions now.


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